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Project Description
ResX Comparer is a a quick handy tool to facilitate comparison of resource files for a particular application. It is common for us to use Resource Files to localize the messages in our application. And the most common developer/linguistic expert mistakes are overlooked keys in a particular language causing the system to revert to the default system locale of the application (as against the locale of the native system running the app). This will, for sure, take the user for a bad surprise and reduce the confidence of the user running the application.

This tool would quickly compare the keys in particular resource file combinations and display in a friendly gridview. You can also quickly export them as a comma-delimited file.

This is my maiden venture in Windows forms after having a long journey through ASP.NET to touch base with and have a taste of Windows Forms development. So with all humility I submit this to my dear ASP.NET, who is my sole inspiration for everything. I love you, ASP.NET.

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